The Queen of Everything (lady_mitzi) wrote in night_owlery,
The Queen of Everything

Introductory Post

1. Name Katharine
2. Age 33
3. Location & Time Zone Brighton, England - timezone GMT +1
4. Hobbies/Interests Reading, blogging, socialising, my ridiculous child
5. Three words to describe yourself Currently really tired...
6. When you became a night owl/What you attribute it to I used to be a night owl because I liked to stay up late and party.  These days I'm a night owl because I work nights in a BORING job (well, sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's about as exciting as anything can be while still managing to be fairly boring, yes, I could do with changing my career...) and then when I'm off work I can't sleep.  Working nights messes up your sleep patterns.  Because of this I'm obsessed with sleep.
7. Favorite nighttime pastimes If I'm at work I like the bits between operations where I get to sit around drinking tea and reading my friendspage on LJ, and if it's my week off and I can't sleep I'll go into the front room and drink tea and go on LJ. LJ keeps me sane at night, so I've been busy joining busy communities that offer plenty of reading material.
8. Favorite nighttime snacks If I'm at work - chocolate or doughnuts tend to be on offer.  If I'm at home - it's always cheese.  Mmmmm, cheese.  *sighs*
9. Favorite nighttime music Music is not a major feature of my solitary late night activities.
10. Favorite time of night and why If I'm at work I like eight in the morning.  I'm completely exhausted at this point, but at least I'm going home.  If I'm at home - any part of the night I'm deeply asleep. 

I feel like a fraud in this community as my night owlery is not so much chosen as thrust upon me, but I hope I'll find some empathy here nonetheless...

Anyway, I've just finished my run of night shifts and it's 9.46 in the evening and I'm taking a sleeping pill.  I have the world's largest sleep debt to catch up on!  Goodnight, night owls.
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