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Intro post

Name Sammy
Age 18
Location & Time Zone London, England. GMT.
Hobbies/Interests Music, meeting friends, youtubing at ridiculous hours
Three words to describe yourself Clumsy, grumpy, creative
When you became a night owl/What you attribute it to I don't know. I find it hard to get to sleep at night but I'm always nodding off during the day. Naturally nocturnal?
Favorite nighttime pastimes Reading, listening to music, Youtube/LJ/Myspace
Favorite nighttime snacks Chocolate
Favorite nighttime music The Sisters of Mercy, 80s pop
Favorite time of night and why Early-ish - about 10 o'clock, before everyone goes to sleep. I like this time of night because I'm usually hanging out with friends getting pleasantly drunk and watching Grey's Anatomy, or on the phone to a friend.

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