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Me, Myself, I

Name: Amanda B. a.k.a ladyamandaann

Age: 26 on paper, a kid at heart and 50 in life (at least 35)
Location & Time Zone: United States Central Time

 Hobbies/Interests: Writing, music, my son, music, animals, music, pasta, music, passion, music....umm I think I like music

Three words to describe yourself: Outgoing, Manipulative (I know, that's not good), Fun

When you became a night owl/What you attribute it to: When I was concieved and I blame it on my parents (probably drugs)(theirs, not mine)

 Favorite nighttime pastimes: Petting my kitties (I have 8 with more on the way), writing, surfing (the web that is) and listening to music

Favorite nighttime snacks: DON"T LAUGH.....PROMISE??? Ok!!! Ramen Noodles

 Favorite nighttime music: ANYTHING AT AAAAALLLLLLL

 Favorite time of night and why: As soon as the husband leaves and my son falls asleep...ssssssshhhhhhhhh it's so quiet I can hear myself type.

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