in all seriousness (robot_autumn) wrote in night_owlery,
in all seriousness


I know I've been posting in the daytime, lately, but I know it's when some of you Brits are up & about for your night shifts/insomniac wanderings. After all, it's always night somewhere.

Anyway, 3 days left for the photo theme, and I very much hope some more of you will participate. I <333ed lady_mitzi's descriptions of her son.

Oh! And I also wanted to tell you about twitter, in case you haven't heard already. You may think, as I did, that it's a stupid, pointless thing at first, but I've really grown addicted to it... It's a website dedicated to little status updates, like the kind you can do on facebook. You can "follow" people and they'll show up on an f-list with all their recent updates—my name is k_bluebird, but only friend me if you're prepared for a bunch of updates!

I've been really bored lately... I have no job (immigration, lolz.) and no car, so I spend a lot of time at home sleeping and sitting in front of the computer...

Addendum: Oops, forgot my own twitter name... It's actually k_bluebird with an underscore... My bad.
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