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Hello, all. Is anyone else awake tonight?

I was attacked by a wave of sleepiness this afternoon, and subsequently slept all evening... So here I am.

I am listening to The Village soundtrack and whipping up a small bit of fiction that randomly popped into my head. I've no doubt that it will go nowhere, but it feels soothing to write when you're feeling moody, sometimes.

It's not a BAD kind of moody, though. I think it's just nighttime moodiness. Do you guys ever get that?

Anyway, off to do... Something. I have GOT to start getting to sleep before 4am...
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I'm awake, but it's 10.08 in the morning here so that's unsuprising!

I like night-moodiness. It actually makes me happy, which is a bit oxymoronic!

Hope you get to sleep soon...
Night moodiness inspires creativity, which is why I like it. Things also feel a bit more... lucid.