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night_owlery's Journal

Sifting through the Nocturnality
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This is a community to entertain and connect night owls.

Introduce yourself, post interesting links, write books reviews, share photos & art, or just plain ramble.

Introduction posts are encouraged, but not required. The following is a template that can be used (but again, is not required) for this purpose.

Introduction Post Template:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Location & Time Zone
4. Hobbies/Interests
5. Three words to describe yourself
6. When you became a night owl/What you attribute it to
7. Favorite nighttime pastimes
8. Favorite nighttime snacks
9. Favorite nighttime music
10. Favorite time of night and why

Current theme:
Photo Theme! Post a photo or set of photos of a person, place, or thing that is important to you, and write a little bit about it.
Ends June 27, 2008.

Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night"