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Hello Night Owls! It isn't the middle of the night here at all - in fact it's 22.54 right at the moment. However, I'm completely exhausted and I should be in bed, so I shall make the most of this staying-up-past-bedtime feeling I have by posting here.

I like the idea of the photo theme, and it's going to be an easy one for me. A couple of months ago I lost my camera and I've only just bought a new one, so I only have about five photos that I'm actually able to share. Those of you who already know me will be completely unsuprised to discover that I'm going to post a few pictures of my gorgeous and delightful son, Sam.

Sam's autistic and is obsessed with doors and gates and all things flappy.  We went to the park on Tuesday afternoon with failstoexist, an LJ friend visiting from New York,  (the first time I've ever deliberately met up with an LJ friend....) and Sam demonstrated his love of gates by taking his usual game one step further and slamming it with his feet.  Bless.

Advanced stimming with the gate

Because I had company I felt confident about introducing him to the paddling pool at the park.  This was the first time I'd ever attempted this (for various reasons), and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  He loves to escape though, so I shan't be taking him back on my own...

In the paddling pool

Sam's a bit wary of strangers and he made no exception for failstoexist, lovely though she is.  However, he had so much fun on this roundabout that he forgot to be suspicious and posed beautifully for the camera. 

Sam and Amanda

So there you go.  This set of pictures shares a little story of Real Life meeting LJ life, and features my favourite person in the world.  (Sam, in case you wondered.)

(Those of you on my friendslist can expect to see them again very soon!)
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